Kasih Corby Grasi 5 Tahun, SBY Disanjung Australia

May 24, 2012 – 1:26 am
Kasih Corby Grasi 5 Tahun, SBY Disanjung Australia
Rabu, 23 Mei 2012 21:23 WIB

MELBOURNE–MICOM: Menteri Luar Negeri Australia Bob Carr menyanjung Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono yang telah memangkas hukuman untuk Schapelle Corby, warga Australia, dengan pemberian grasi 5 ahun.

Corby adalah terpidana kasus narkoba yang dipenjara di Bali.

"Dia orang besar. Dia sungguh sahabat baik bagi Australia," ujar Carr. "Dia telah membuat keputusan yang sangat tepat dan kami menyambutnya dengan gembira." "Itu bukan sesuatu yang buruk."

Clemency … The decision letter from The President of The Republic of Indonesia to Schapelle Corby. Picture: Bintoro Lukman


Schapelle Corby – from a dirty cell to Bali paradise, but still miles from home
Cindy Wockner, Alison McMeekin and Malcolm Holland The Daily Telegraph May 23, 2012 6:54PM

MERCEDES Corby plans to visit her sister in jail today to discuss the news of her clemency despite Foreign Minister Bob Carr rejecting doing a deal with Indonesia to secure the early release of convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby.

Schapelle Corby will remain in prison until August 2015 unless she wins parole, a senior official at Kerobokan jail has confirmed.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the possible release date to AAP on Wednesday, a day after it was revealed Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had cut Corby’s sentence to 15 years.

He said a calculation completed on Wednesday morning had put the total remissions she had received so far at 23 months and 15 days, meaning her current sentence would expire in September 2017.

But the official said Corby could also win further remissions of eight months a year, meaning her sentence would expire as early as August 2015

The official also confirmed that with the remissions she has already won taken into account, the 34-year-old would be eligible for parole later this year after having served two-thirds of her sentence.

Mercedes said from her Kuta home that the next step was considering how to apply for parole.

"Our family is thankful to the Indonesian president. We now hope to confirm details for the possibility of parole.

"We hope there will be more positive news to come," she told thetelegraphcom.au.

She said she had not spoken to Schapelle since hearing about the decision to slash five years from her sister’s 20 year sentence.

But she thought it likely her sister had probably already heard the news through the prison grapevine.

Mercedes plans to visit the jail later today and the next step will then be an application for parole, which could see Schapelle released from jail to the family custody.

Given then Mercedes lives in Bali and is married to an Indonesian, the chances of parole are increased, although parole is rarily ever granted to a foreigner.

Last week the Gillard Government announced that following a review three Indonesian nationals convicted of people smuggling – who claimed they were minors at the time of their interception – would be released from jail and returned home.

Reports are now circulating that Indonesian government ministers say Corby’s 20-year sentence has been cut by five years as part of a deal to release the people smugglers.



Mudah-mudahan Pemerintah Australia melakukan hal sama terhadap ratusan nelayan kita yang sekarang masih banyak meringkuk di penjara Australia, gara-gara waktu cari ikan tak sadar sudah memasuki wilayah perairan mereka

Kasih Corby Grasi 5 Tahun, SBY Disanjung Australia

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