Amerika “kagum” Alutsista TNI AL

January 26, 2011 – 1:27 am

Rabu, 26 Januari 2011 | 04:05 WIB

JAKARTA, – The United States government has agreed to destroy six more than 30 years old American-built Indonesian warships.

Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Seoparno said on the sidelines of a naval leadership meeting in Jakarta on Tuesday that the six naval vessels will be destroyed in Indonesia.

"It would be too impractical to send the ships back to their builders. Although they (the US) really do not have the heart to have them destroyed, they eventually agreed."

A little jokingly, Soeparno said the American-built LSTs and LDPs are already 64-70 years old. And every time US military met the ships, they saluted them as their seniors. So, it is time for replacements.

The six LSTs included KRI Teluk Langsa 501, KRI Teluk Bayur 502, KRI Teluk Kau 504, KRI Teluk Tomini 508, KRI Teluk Ratai 509, KRI Teluk Saleh 510, and KRI Teluk Bone 511, built in 1942-1945.

With regard to their replacements, the navy chief said had made plans of procurements from PT PAL.

"Since they were cargo ships, we would be able to procure them from PT PAL, because it had successfully built one LPD, namely KRI Banjarmasin, and is building a similar ship, KRI Banda Aceh," Soeparno said.

He wished to make it clear in the recent naval leadership meeting that he will place the program of modernizing the armament system on a solid footing in stages from 2010 to 2014 up to 2024.

Soeparno said in modernizing our armament system there are three steps, namely destroying those which are no longer worth operating, and replacing them with the new ones and increase capacity and capabilities of the still useful and operational armament system.

In the procurement of new ones, priority will be given to local production. "If this is not fully possible, we will be producing them jointly on the condition of technology transfer," he said.

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Pantesan aja kita ngos-ngosan lawan sama Malingshit, KRI nya aja udah "sepuh" semua. Ada yg ampe 70 taon. Kasian liat tentaranya..

Amerika “kagum” Alutsista TNI AL

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  2. wah klo dibuang ya sayang, kan kapalnya itu walau udah tua termasuk senior ama masih bisa digunakan. Seharusnya sih itu dimusiumkan aja agar bangsa tau kalo kapal kapal tersebut sangat berjasa demi keamanan negara Indonesia.
    Tolong dong pemerintah jangan dihancurkan kapal-kapalnya..

    By Atlazcrew on Dec 21, 2011

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